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Homestead Exemption to Ease Your Tax Burden

I want to take the time this month to give you a friendly reminder! If you or someone you know bought a house last year as your primary residence, the first quarter of the year is the most important time for you to save money on your property taxes. Applying for homestead exemption allows you to save on property taxes by allowing you to exclude a portion of your home’s value from assessment. The amount of tax you owe is calculated based on the difference between your home’s value and the exemption amount. As a Georgia homeowner, you could save up to $2000 on your taxes!

You can request a homestead exemption for the year’s property taxes if you owned the home before Jan. 1 of 2016. If you moved in mid-year, you can file for the exemption but it won’t take effect until after the start of 2018.

File your application with your county’s tax assessor, depending on local policy. Make sure you file before the April 1st deadline or you might have to wait another year!

Click on your county to access your local tax assessor.
Cherokee County: You must apply in person
Clayton County
Cobb County
DeKalb County
Douglas County: You must apply in person
Fulton County: Also includes North Fulton County
Gwinnett County
Paulding County: You must apply in person

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